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Integrative Therapeutic Interventions for Children and Families

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Connect To Me

Therapeutic Play intervention

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Connect Me to My Family

Family Intervention

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Connect me To My Learning

School Intervention


Pam Witthoft
Therapeutic Play and Creative Arts Practitioner

Connect Therapies offers individual, family and school-based therapeutic interventions.


Pam is an experienced educator and practitioner with a passion for helping children and families in need of therapeutic interventions. She holds a B.ED degree and a PG. Cert in Therapeutic Play, and has over 13 years of experience in education and therapeutic play.


Pam uses play and creative arts to walk alongside children as they navigate difficult emotions. Her approach is informed by her diverse blend of skills and her experience working therapeutically with children. She has successfully worked with families in need of therapeutic interventions, helping them to build stronger relationships and improve their overall well-being.

In addition to her professional qualifications, Pam is known for her warm and compassionate personality. Her favorite things include walking along the cliffs, eating chocolate, and spending time with her family and basset hound Norbert.

As a PTUK registrant, Pam adheres to the PTUK Ethical Framework, which can be found by clicking here .

Pam can be found on the PTUK register by clicking here.


Contact Us

The first step to getting help can be difficult, and I am here to help you and your family navigate the road ahead. If you would like to schedule an obligation free call to discuss your child's needs, you are welcome to contact me by Email or WhatsApp to schedule a call so we can discuss your child's needs


+44 7700 301673

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13 Cattle St, St Helier, Jersey JE3 9GA

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