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therapeutic play



Children with one or more of the following experiences may benefit from Therapeutic Play (These are just a few examples, there are many more).

  • Attachment difficulties

  • Anxiety

  • Barriers to learning

  • Behavioral difficulties

  • Bereavement

  • Bullying

  • Low mood

  • Low self-confidence

  • Developmental delay

  • Disability/long-term health condition

  • Emotional difficulties

  • Friendship difficulties

  • Separation or Divorce

  • Trauma

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Therapeutic play is an integrative holistic approach to child therapy where the main focus is not on talking.


For children, using play to express themselves makes sense. In therapeutic play a range of play & creative materials are offered for children to express themselves in the way that feels right for them.


The practitioner understands that all behaviour is communication & their training enables them to meet the child in their play at the level they need.

The Tool kit

The toolkit includes therapeutic storytelling, drawing & painting, water, clay, sand tray & miniatures, guided imagery & relaxation techniques, drama, puppetry, movement & music. Other items can be added as appropriate to the needs of each individual child.

The process may allow the child to understand their feelings and thoughts better. Increasing self-awareness can help children to understand their experiences better and build resilience for the future.

  • improved mood, self-confidence

  • developing coping strategies and creative problem-solving skills 

  • self-respect

  • empathy and respect for others

  • alleviation of anxiety

  • learning to experience and express feelings fully

  • stronger family relationships

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